No more lurking! It’s De-Lurking time again :)

I know that you are there so don’t try to deny it. I’ve seen you hiding all this time but no more 🙂 It’s De-Lurking time again, that time of the year to leave that safe place and come say hi to all of us.

What exactly is De-Lurking?

The term is used for people that read blogs or join chat rooms or newsgroups and don’t participate in commenting. The readers that just look around because they don’t have anything to add to the discussion or because it’s already been said. Does this sounds like someone you know? It’s something that got orginally started by Sheryl from Papernapkin.

Don't be shy and hit that keyboard NOW!

You can do it…

Last year 370 brave souls overcame their fear and left a comment, so that should be the target 🙂 A lot can change in a year and I’m sure many newbies have arrived since then. This is your opportunity to let me know who you are (newbie or not, it doesn’t matter), what you do and where you are from. I always wonder if all of you are graphic designers, web designers or coders etc. Crossing my fingers that there are some geek girls out there too, female power you know 😀 It’s also the perfect opportunity to pitch some ideas for future postings. I always listen and try to incorporate some of the ideas.

2007 will be an interesting year for this blog too because I have some exciting things planned that will be revealed soon. I’m still working out a few things but it looks very promising so far. If all goes through I’ll be able to give away a few things on a regular basis 🙂 I also can’t believe that I will be in Canada arround this time next month for Web Directions North. If you’ve not signed up already please hury because the extended deadline is January 14th for the $895 early price.

So don’t be shy and hit that keyboard NOW!

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