GMail Spellcheck (Correction: It’s Firefox) (Monday, May 21)

CORRECTION: Okay, I’m a bonehead. It’s actually Firefox 2.0 doing the spellchecking, not Gmail. I finally updated from Firefox 1.5 on the machine I usually check mail on. I thought about deleting this blog entry and pretending I never wrote it, but then I figured I’d just leave my tattered laundry out for everyone to see. What the heck.

This is cool. There’s inline spellcheck in Gmail Firefox — using the familiar red dotted underline for unknown words and right-click to get suggestions:

GMail Spellcheck Screenshot

Then again, maybe it’s been there for a while (UPDATE: yes, it has…) and I’ve never noticed (UPDATE: stupid, stupid, stupid…). It works in Gmail chat too.

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