Native TNEF Decoding, Java Library Crashes (Monday, May 14)

Here are two [hopefully] unrelated interesting things I saw recently on the IBM Support site.

First, SPR #SBRN5PGPCN describes a fix for TNEF extraction on Domino. The really interesting thing is that it applies to Domino 7.0.2 and 6.5.6. So maybe native TNEF extraction is in the Domino 6.5.6 server too? That would be cool. I’m not sure if I saw that anywhere before or not.

Second, Technote #1202732 describes a scenario where Java JAR files that are attached to agents or script libraries can cause Out Of Memory errors. There’s an SPR associated with it, which would seem to indicate that it’s a problem that hasn’t been fixed yet. The solution is to detach the JAR file to the local file system and access it that way (either the JavaUserClasses INI setting or just plopping it in the JRE ext directory).

The wording of the technote (at the time I’m writing this — it may change) makes it a little unclear as to whether this affects code that run on servers, or just clients. It talks about a “Domino client” (?!?), and also mentions that if you access the library using JavaUserClasses then every time the JAR file changes “you must copy it to your local server” — and, um, I don’t think that a Notes client that has a JAR file listed in JavaUserClasses would look on a Domino server for a JAR file. But hey, maybe it does, and that’s one more thing I don’t know.

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