Hosting LitwareHR on a Service Delivery Platform – Part III – Billing, Metering

Billing is obviously a very important concern, after all Litware has to get paid! As described in Part I, Litware is looking at two models for Billing: • Subscription based: (For example: $X/tenant/month up to 5 seats/tenant + $Y/month for additional seats) • Usage based: $Z/”Submitted Resume” In our imaginary scenario, we’ll assume that Litware billing requirements are easily met by NWH billing capabilities. NWH Billing system supports these two modus operandi and offers rich customization, reporting, tax considerations, etc. So, for the purposes of this exercise, NWH Billing is state of the art. But the question is: how does NWH Billing know what and when to bill? or in other terms, how to “glue” LitwareHR to the billing system? And, more…(read more)

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