Hosting LitwareHR on a Service Delivery Platform – A case study – Part I (The Scenario)

In its current version, LitwareHR is focused very much on the challenges an ISV faces while building a SaaS delivered app: multi-tenancy, configurability, etc. In the last few weeks I’ve been working on exploring the implications of hosting LitwareHR on a hypothetical hosting platform. The goal was to twofold: identify changes that have to be made in LitwareHR code base to support specific hosting scenarios and explore the interaction points between hoster & ISV. I’ve published some of this work already in previous post which focused on Provisioning. As described there, externalizing Provisioning required changes in LitwareHR, but it was pretty straightforward because it was functionality well encapsulated. But of course Provisioning, as…(read more)

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