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This is an accessible, CSS/JS based “popup tooltip” script that dynamically converts regular footnotes in a document into tooltips that appear next to their triggering elements.

  • Pure CSS formatting allows infinitely customisable note appearance using the standards-based technology you know.
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  • Accessible HTML elements used to construct the notes, so your site maintains excellent search engine and screenreader compatibility.
  • Fallback to regular footnotes give you excellent compatibility with older browsers if you choose.
  • Object-orientated JavaScript for separate note systems and easy implementation; you don’t have to know any JavaScript to use this!
  • Hover and Click note types give you a choice of activation method on a per-note basis.
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CoolTips is a lightweight unobtrusive JavaScript web-browser tooltips replacement technique.

CoolTips is used to replace conventional web-browser tooltips. The tooltips get the contents of the title attribute, so it’s fully unobtrusive. CoolTips is an OO class based on Prototype JS and frameworks.

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