Polling/Voting In Lotus Notes

I’ve been asked several times by customers, “Can I send a poll via email in Lotus Notes and have the recipients reply with their vote”. Well the answer is, not “out of the box”, but due to the flexibility and power of Notes, of course you can set this up in just a few minutes! This tip explains how to create a button in an email message which when pressed, prompts the reader to enter their vote, and automatically sends the response back to the address you define.


Sorry for the outage yesturday!

Lotus Celebrates 25 Years in Cambridge

Ego post… ­čÖé Software company celebrates 25 years I moved to Cambridge in 2001 from Toronto to work at Lotus, but the company has had roots here for 25 years.

Colour Your Text

One of the most effective ways to make text stand out is to use colours. This is easy to do using keyboard shortcuts.

Cool IBM Lotus Notes 8 Admin Features

One for the Admins… Lotus Advisor: Cool IBM Lotus Notes 8 Admin Features by Terrance A. Crow This article discusses new features for: a) locking out web users after some number of unsuccessful login attempts b) a new tool to move databases from one server to another, without having to tell users

Lotus Connections Screen Saver

Download the new Lotus Connections screen saver. Thanks Craig.

Webcast: Collaborative applications with Lotus Notes and Domino 8

For the developers…. Webcast: Collaborative applications with Lotus Notes and Domino 8 June 27, 2007 at 11:00 AM EDT The unique capabilities of Lotus Notes and Domino provide support for a variety of business solutions and new technology trends within a robust, scalable, security-rich platform.

Back In Boston

Well I made it back to Boston last night. I have to say, this might be the most exhausting work trip I have ever been on. Unfamiliar beds, time zone changes, being out of my eating and fitness routines, struggling with language issues, they all take their toll. I am not sure how Sales people do this all the time!


A lot has already been written and photographed about last week’s “independently run, Lotusphere like event” ILUG2007, but I wanted to take a moment a provide my own recap.

Even funnier than Mac vs. PC

Marvel versus DC comics parody commercials

Notes 8 Beta 3

Hi folks, sorry I’ve been so quiet with actual “tips” blogs, but I’ve been on the road with customer visits and user groups. I am currently in Dublin at the fantastic Irish Lotus User Group event. In case you missed the news on Ed’s Blog, Lotus Notes 8 Beta 3 is now available for download. You

Why can?t I click on that URL?

One of the things I dislike about Lotus Notes is that URLs (links to web sites) are not clickable when you are editing a document. Most of the time this is not too big of a deal, but one place it does bother me is when I open an “Appointment” entry on my calendar which contains a URL. (link to a web conference, shared document, web site, etc). The problem is that Appointments (not meetings sent my someone else) open in “edit mode”, so the links are not clickable. So a quick little tip to make those URLs clickable is to press CTRL+O which toggles the document back into “read mode”.

Lotus and the PGA Tour

“… the PGA TOUR implemented IBM├é┬« Lotus├é┬« Sametime├é┬« software for industry-leading unified communications and collaboration, as well as custom collaborative applications built on IBM Lotus Domino├é┬« and IBM Lotus Notes├é┬« software.”

Reorder lists

If you have a list (bulleted, numbered, etc) with several entries and you want to re-arrange the values, instead of cutting and pasting them into a new order, you can move them up or down the list. You can perform a similar action with cells (or rows) in a table.

Daily chuckle

Here is one from the “If you can’t laugh at yourself” category. That said, please take a look at IBM Lotus ActiveInsight, it really is a great product! Source: http://www.unitedmedia.com/comics/dilbert/archive/images/dilbert2004887870516.gif

How integrated are you?

One of the main topics in the IT industry today seems to be “integration”. The idea being that access to multiple sources of information in a single location makes it easier and quicker for people to make enformed decisions, find subject matter experts, etc. Later this year, Lotus Notes 8 will make it possible for users to experience a great deal of integration, but you don’t have to wait…

Notes 8 Wallpaper

Cool new Notes 8 wallpaper now available

Blog Spam Is Annoying!

I’ve just deleted 37,000+ blog spam comments. Thankfully, the Domino Blog template ensures you don’t see any of these. However, I am worried that occasionally I may delete a “real” comment. If you ever get an error when posting a response, please email me and I will make sure it gets fixed.

Lotus Museum

Former Lotus employee Judi Lazerus has started a web site called the Lotus Museum that you might find entertaining. ? I have dozens of items I should donate, I’ll have to find the time! ­čśë

Image:Lotus Museum

I found the navigation a little awkward. ? If you click on one of the main headings, like “Clothing” you end up at a blank page. ?Instead, you need to choose a specific item from the drop down list. ? I imagine that will get hard to maintain if the list of items gets long. ?I’d rather see a “gallery” of image thumbnails in each section, and then click on them for larger photos. ?But heck, Judi is doing this in her spare time so who am I to complain!

Lotus Starter Packs

Today Lotus announced two new software bundles to help small companies purchase a combined offering of Notes/Domino and Sametime.
Image:Lotus Starter Packs

Designed for organizations with less than 1,000 employees, they are available in 10-user licence packs and are built on IBM Lotus Domino Express 7.0.2 and IBM Lotus Sametime 7.5.1.

IBM Lotus Complete Messaging Express Starter Pack makes it faster, easier and less expensive to deploy secure and reliable e-mail, calendaring and scheduling, document libraries, blogs, VoIP, instant messaging, point-to-point video and Web conferencing. ?10-user license packs start at $1,320 USD SRP per pack.

IBM Lotus Complete Collaboration Express Starter Pack provides support for thousands of third-party Lotus Domino applications to run your business and delivers secure and reliable e-mail, calendaring and scheduling, document libraries, teamrooms, blogs, VoIP, instant messaging, point-to-point video and Web conferencing. ?10-user license packs start at $1,710 USD SRP per pack.