Script# + Reflector

The new .reflector assembly list file feature of .NET Reflector can be used to streamline the class browsing experience for Script#… Read More……(read more)

MSDN Search Gadget Updated

A quick update to my MSDN Search Gadget (a small sidebar gadget that lets you search for developer content on MSDN right off your desktop)… Read More……(read more)

SEO for Ajax and Silverlight Applications

This post contains a writeup of an Ajax pattern I demonstrated at one of my MIX07 talks around improving the indexability of Ajax and Silverlight, and in general RIA applications as part of an SEO effort… Read More……(read more)

The Silverlight Platform Announced

Today at MIX07, Silverlight was announced along with some amazing demos showing off the media capabilities, as well as the .net/managed programming model… Read More……(read more)

Siliverlight Announced

Microsoft Silverlight formerly known by its code name “WPF/E” has now been announced… Read More……(read more)

UpdateControls 1.1: Bug Fixes and UpdateAction

The first revision to the UpdateControls ASP.NET AJAX server controls package including bug fixes for reported bugs on UpdateHistory and AnimatedUpdatePanel, as well as the addition of another control, UpdateAction. Read More……(read more)

Preparing for MIX07

Intros to my two MIX07 talks: “ASP.NET AJAX Controls with WPF/E” and “AJAX Patterns with ASP.NET AJAX”… Read More……(read more)

Authoring Sidebar Gadgets in C#

The latest release of Script# enables authoring Windows Vista Sidebar gadgets using C#. It also comes along with a sample gadget that enables searching MSDN content and a project template to get you up and running quickly. Read More……(read more)

UpdateControls: UpdateHistory and AnimatedUpdatePanel

Two controls that go along with the UpdatePanel and partial rendering features in ASP.NET Ajax: UpdateHistory and AnimatedUpdatePanel. Read More……(read more)

ASP.NET AJAX 1.0 Released

The big news for the day: ASP.NET AJAX 1.0 is finally out and available… Read More……(read more)

Photos from after the Snow Storm

Pictures from the aftermath of January 2007 snow storm in the Seattle area… Read More……(read more)

Photos on a Map – 2006 Travels

A second take on my Photo Map prototype – this time displaying photos taken from my 2006 travels… implemented using Virtual Earth, WPF/E and Script#. Read More……(read more)

Script and LINQ?

C# offers a nice syntax for LINQ. While it is not quite possible to use the same syntax in script, the concepts do carry over, and the interesting constructs can be implemented. This post provides a couple of examples, and a quick reference for the relevant script APIs that come into play… Read More……(read more)

JBI and ServiceMix


I am new to service mix and have a fundamental question. JBI spec seems to indicate that NMR uses abstract WSDL message type for