Need to draft a Marketing Proposal

Hi, I need to draft a Marketing Proposal to a company on a Cost-Per- Conversion basis. We want to propose a quote to a company that is selling

Too many keywords…how do I get around this?

Hi All. I have just added a feature for users to make my site more accessible. I have a drop down menu at the top of each page, that allows use

Javascript Question

Our company’s website uses javascript for the navigation of the top header on each of our pages. I am concerned that search engines are seeing this a

AdSense Problems

I am having a huge problem with AdSense right now. (FONT=verdana)(SIZE=2)(COLOR=#000000) In the last 36 hours we have seen a drop off in our AdSense

Question About Gray Hat Tactic – Is This As Bad As It Looks?

I have a question about a technique I’ve seen on a site. Basically, it’s coded using CSS (i believe) so it’s technically search engine friendly. But i

Google blogs and forums recent downgrade

Hey guys how are you holding up? Google is on the lose again choping off heads in fury. It is a total pendemonium in the Blogosphere, blogs with

This is a cool program

I don’t think it is as good as Google, but they have been working on it. We use this on our forum. Doesn’t generate much, but it works very similar

Google PR Update

i think Google already updated PR. got my blog from pr 0 to pr 2. but no changes for my site.

SMX Travel in Orlando

Anyone coming out to this show November 12th and 13th? I’ll be in town so if anyone wants to meet up let me know.

a question about those free adwords credits

Is there a limit of adwords credits a single person can obtain according to adwords’ policy? or can you get some with your hosting..and then some more


Hi All Thanks for the great advice. I am looking for a great resource on how to increase my conversions. Is there a good thread on this? 1)

Hello Friends

Hi Friends, I am Lisa Team Member from India Book Link Building services, I have searched this forum from google and i like this forum. We helps

Google Pr update PR=6 decreased to 5

Hi, I suppose google updated the PRs as well. My site web’s homepage which has PR=6 go down to PR=5 We have never been buying links , not at all.

Paid links from TV station websites

Paid links from TV station websites seem to work at raising rankings. I see sites with paid links for competitive keywords (e.g. DUI Lawyers, CPAP,

Parked Domains

This is not necessarily specific to AdWords, but hopefully someone has some thoughts. We’re seeing a lot of traffic from parked domains. I’m in

2nd Tier Search Term Referrals

Another query not specific to AdWords, but that is where most of our paid traffic comes from…. We get a lot of clicks from search engines like “to

New site results mixed in with old, how can I clean it up?

We’ve put up a new site to replace an old site, on the same URL, and actually gone as far as to use google custom search as the search engine embedded

Is this duplicate content>>? Is google punishing me for it?!

ok guys and gals. Well, as a few regulars may recall I am in the process of having a new site built from scratch because the php script based site im