First Wedding Anniversary — Photos | Blog

Better late than never. One year since we got married I’ve uploaded some photos.

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A look at Lotus Sametime 7.5

Lotus Sametime 7.5 includes over 150 new features, a new instant messaging GUI and a redesigned Web conferencing interface. Using slides, screenshots, a video demo and detailed tutorials, this collection of resources will introduce you to the collaboration capabilities of Lotus Sametime 7.5 and teach you how to build Sametime plug-ins using the Eclipse framework.

Export Lotus Notes data to Microsoft Excel using the ADODB.Recordset object

Learn how to export a large amount of Lotus Notes data to a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet using LotusScript, the ADODB.Recordset object and SQL.

What A Wonderful Weekend | Blog

Problem in Calling a webservice from another webservice

I want to call a web-service deployed in JBoss from another web-service that is depolyed in Tomcat5.5…I am getting an error as

OC4J in generated wsdl

Writing a web service using apache axis 1.3 and deploying in tomcat generates wsdl with wsdl:types element in wsdl:definitions. Integrating this

Me and My Meandering Mind | Blog

Wondering what happened to all that talk of DExt? Well, here’s a clue.

WebService Client and Security

I have a web service that I am connecting to, I am attaching the code:
URL url = new

HTML Emails The Easy Way | Article

Simple way to send emails in both HTML and plain text alternatives at the same time.

Rough Cuts Revisited = Site Evolution | Blog

Codestore continues to evolve and this weekend I tweaked the way Rough Cuts work – one of which is one its way today.

The Danger of Tigiht Coupling

We have made an educational film that we hope will alert the SOA community to the dangers involved in coupling services and/or applications at the

That’s That – Speed Week, Day 5 | Blog

How to perform an in-place upgrade of Lotus Domino server hardware

Because some Lotus Notes and Domino shops have their current server name deeply embedded in their Lotus Notes agents, they cannot replace their server with one that has a new name. This makes a gradual server upgrade impossible. To solve this dilemma, contributor Chuck Connell explains step-by-step how to bring up a new server with the exact same name (server ID) as an old server in order to perform an in-place upgrade of Lotus Domino server hardware.

Further Suggestions – Speed Week, Day 4 | Blog

Word 2007 file(docx) construction using Java

In my current project we are creating word 2007 document at runtime. I am developing Java component that takes word 2007 template (dotx) files as

Combining Resources – Speed Week, Day 3 | Blog

Tool to view and modify XML in JSP page as label and text format

We have xml document and need to view and modify xml in jsp page as like label and text for tag and value respectively. Please let me know if any

Tutorial: 30 LotusScript tips

Broken down into 10 beginner-level, 10 intermediate-level and 10 advanced-level tips, this LotusScript tutorial will teach you LotusScript techniques and LotuScript best practices you need to know to take your LotusScript development to the next level.

JustSystems Announces Growth of Partner Program

JustSystems, Inc., a global enterprise software company, has announced three important additions to its Partner Program. The 4-tier program, categorized into Strategic Partner, Premier Certified, Certified and Associate designations, was created earlier this year to reflect the company?s focus on quality partners that will add value through complementary software and services to support an end-to-end content lifecycle solution.