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JavaScript/ Scripts and Programs Hot scripts::

Presented here are a good collection of JavaScript/ Scripts and Programs Hot scripts. Enjoy!
1. bbingo.html
Free British bingo game. Play by yourself against chatty old people
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2. dhtmlxTreeGrid
dhtmlxTreeGrid is a cross-browser JavaScript component that combines editable table and tree view. It represents both hierarchical and tabular data and allows client-side data entry and editing. Ajax support and rich JavaScript API brings great flexibility to the treegrid allowing you to create customizable dynamic tables with expandable rows. dhtmlxTreeGrid supports data sorting, column resizing, drag-and-drop and different cell types.
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3. dhtmlxToolbar
dhtmlxToolbar is a completely customizable Ajax/JavaScript component which allows you to easily create an attractive vertical or horizontal DHTML toolbar. dhtmlxToolbar can load its content from XML so it can be easily changed without reloading. It provides cross-browser compatibility, powerful client-side API and customizable icons (with javascript or xml). The toolbar supports several buttons types (image, image with text, select box).
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4. dhtmlxMenu - Ajax-enabled DHTML Menu
dhtmlxMenu provides simple Ajax-based solution for web navigation. It allows to create attractive popup or drop down menus within minutes. dhtmlxMenu can load its content from XML so it can be easily changed without reloading. The menu has cross-browser/multiplatform compatibility, powerful client-side API and customizable icons (with javascript or xml). It supports vertical scrolling of items and several buttons types.
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5. dhtmlxCombo - Ajax Autocomplete Combobox
Easy configurable DHTML JavaScript combo box with Ajax support, autocomplete functionality and wide cross-browser compatibility. Features include type-ahead, keyboard support and ability to display images in the dropdown list. dhtmlxCombo can be easily converted from existing HTML SELECT or populated with JavaScript. The component works fast with large sets of data, loading list of suggestions dynamically on demand.
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6. dhtmlxGrid - Editable Ajax Grid
dhtmlxGrid is flexible JavaScript grid control with powerful API and Ajax support. It provides client-side solution for displaying, editing and sorting tabular data. Using dhtmlxGrid you can easily create dynamic tables with scroll bars, frozen columns, fixed multiline headers and multiple cell types (text, image, checkbox, radio button, combobox etc.). Smart rendering and paging output allow this grid to work effectively with large datasets.
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7. dhtmlxTabbar - Ajax-enabled Tabs
Cross-browser, XML driven and fully configurable JavaScript tab bar provides simple but powerful solution to create dynamic tabs. You can place various content within tab pages and build intuitive tabbed navigation interface. The tab content can be displayed in IFrames or dynamically loaded on demand with the aid of AJAX. The tab control supports multiline, scrollable and nested tabs and allows easy initialization through simple HTML.
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8. dhtmlxTree - Ajax-based JavaScript Tree
dhtmlxTree is an Ajax-enabled DHTML treeview component which provides robust and flexible solution to represent and manage hierarchical data. The tree can load its content dynamically from server using Ajax or directly from on-page XML data-island. Ready-to-use solution for server-side integration is available. Advanced features include powerful script API, in-line node editing, drag-n-drop capabilities, built-in checkboxes and context menu.
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9. Button Click Call Alert
This JavaScript shows a very simple example of how to create a button that does something JavaScript-like in nature when it is clicked. The alert() function is predefined: we could have made our own function and then called it upon the onClick event.
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10. Confirm Alert Box
The author notes, 'The JavaScript confirm alert box differs from a regular alert box in that it provides two choices for the user, OK and Cancel. Typically, you¡¯ll see confirmation boxes utilized on links where the destination is outside the domain of the page you¡¯re currently on or to alert you of potentially objectionable material. The following example will display a confirmation alert box when either a link or form button is clicked. Once either OK or Cancel are selected an alert box will follow to display which was chosen.'
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