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Code samples, tutorials and examples - ASP, DHTML, Javascript, CSS, PHP

  Code Samples and Tutorials
  ASP  ( 49 )   CSS  ( 13 )
  Dhtml  ( 13 )   Html  ( 14 )
  Javascript  ( 102 )   PHP  ( 51 )
 Is there a way to prevent headers (H1, H2, etc...) from having an implicit
after them?
 How can I make sure that options selected from a drop down list open u
 How can I capitalise the first letter of every word ?
 how to remove underlining from links?
 how can i create avaScript image rollovers?
 how can i create a clock in JavaScript
 How do I get <, > and & to show up in a web page?
  How can i do auto redirect using php?
 How can I check if a variable is defined?
 Can I use echo inside a ternary expression?
 Can I use a class from within a function?
 How can I use a global variable inside a class?
 Can I put include or require inside a class definition?
 How can I get the class name of an object?
 How can I tell if a class is defined?
 How do you return an array from a function?
 Can I use php with cron on unix systems?
 How do i upload files from php to my ISP / server?
 I have lost my MySQL root password, how can I get in?
 How do I check whether a string contains HTML?
 How can I redirect all http (non-secure port 80) requests to https (Secure port 443)
 How do I find out weather a number is odd or even?
 How do I position the cursor on the first field of the first form when a page loads?
 Can you use an imagemap with onClick?
 From a popup window how can I alter the location of the frame that opened the popup window
 Is there any way to retreive the text from a table cell based on its position in a table (e.g. cell 1,2)?
 How do I use the inch sign (") in a string?
 How do I submit a form in Frame A from Frame B?
 How can I clear the contents of one frame from another?
 How can I completely hide a frame in all browsers?