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    ASP/ Communities Hot scripts::

    Presented here are a good collection of ASP/ Communities Hot scripts. Enjoy!
    1. Dev Dreams ASP Discussion
    A very active webmaster community with over 600 members. Talk about ASP, PHP, CGI and many other languages.
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    2. JesoftDesign Community and Technology News
    JesoftDesign is a new web development community, with future plans for beta testing new software as it comes out, forums help for new programmers and much more! Membership is free so join and be part of the JesoftDesign community! We offer reliable Web Hosting, Domain Registration, Web Design and Developement, and Multi-Media Application.
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    3. DazoTech Online Community ~ Technology News
    DazoTech a New Technology News, Microsoft News, Gizmos and Gadgets, Technology Forums And Much More! We are not just a portal! But a Online Technology Community! Membership is 100% free so join and be part of the DazoTech Online Community! We offer Practical, Professional Solutions. We specialize in SEO RANKING. We Offter reliable Web Hosting, Domain Management, Web Design and Developement, and Multi-Media Application.
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    4. 4guysfromrolla.com
    A great resource for Classic ASP and ASP.Net. Have a problem you can't figure out? The boards are very helpful. Not as good as it used to be. Interenet.com bought it and managed to degrade site quality, but the content and support are still second to none.
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    5. Computer Forums
    Specializes in the discussion of all aspects of computing from server administration and setup, hardware and software configuration, operating systems, the very latest and cutting edge products from the leading manufatures', shared and dedicated hosting aswell as discussions on running a webhosting biz.
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    6. Pedsters-Planet's Discussion Board
    An online forum for serious web designers of any language, not just ASP. Whether you have a problem or want to share your knowledge with others, this forum is for you!
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    7. WiredNow.net Web Lounge
    WiredNow.net's Web Lounge is the center of all things ASP from getting help, giving help or just simply talking all things ASP. You have a problem with ASP then this is the place to start.
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    8. Web Wiz Guide Discussion Forum
    Friendly ASP and Web Development forums where you can get your questions answered by professionals. You can also download the code to this feature packed discussion forum to use on your own site.
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    9. MyNetGuy
    This forum provides a place to exchange tips and resources with other ASP programmers. Sign-up for Beta Tests and receive free application source-codes.
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    10. Programmer's Resource Forum
    This forum maintained by Programmer's Resource provides a fairly active discussion place for ASP and Access developers.
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