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    ASP.NET/ Tips and Tutorials Hot scripts::

    Presented here are a good collection of ASP.NET/ Tips and Tutorials Hot scripts. Enjoy!
    1. Displaying Data on the Web
    This paper will provide a broad introduction to the topic of data-driven web sites, and how they are implemented in ASP.NET. It starts with a discussion of the advantages and disadvantages of data-driven sites, and then moves on to examine the sources that such data can come from. After that, you will know the .NET Framework's data access strategy of choice, ADO.NET, including its architecture, its classes, and how it fits into the structure of data-driven applications.
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    2. A Simple Web Application
    Learn how to create the basic structure of a simple web application using Microsoft's Web Matrix or Visual Studio.
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    3. Tech Articles, Tutorials, Ebooks and White Papers
    GeekAricles Database of exclussive collection of Technolgy Ebooks, Tech Articles, Computer Online books, Free Training resources, White Papers, Tips, tricks and Latest Technology news. The subjects includes C, C++, C#, Java, J2EE, .NET, PeopleSoft, SAP, Siebel, Oracle Apps 11i, Data warehousing, Oracle/SQL Server/DB2 and Testing.
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    4. Proper source code management of your Visual Studio 2003 solutions
    This article describes procedures to easily and properly create and maintain your VS.Net 2003 projects under your source control system. This is especially important for ASP.Net web applications as many developers have difficulty organizing them under Visual Source Safe.
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    5. Oracle Interview Questions
    Prepare for your next Oracle DBA Interview. Find over 800 interview questions with detailed answers covering the following topics. Oracle Basics, Oracle Database Administration, Oralce Memory Management Interview Questions, SQL Plus Interview Questions, Oracle Scenarios, SQLInterview Questions , Oracle Concepts and Architecture Interview Questions, Oracle Architecture Interview Questions , Oracle Data Access Interview Questions, Programmatic Constructs, Database security Interview Questions, Distributed Processing Interview Questions, Backup and Recovery Interview Questions, Oracle Forms Interview Questions, PL/SQL Interview Questions, DBA Interview Questions and D2K Interview Questions.
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    6. Transforming XML with XSLT and ASP.NET
    What exactly is XSLT useful for and why would you, as an ASP.NET developer, want to learn about it? The answer boils down to the capability of XSLT to transform XML documents into different formats that can be consumed by a variety of devices, including browsers, Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs), Web-enabled phones, and other devices that will appear in the near future.
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    7. Simple Text to image generator to block bots submitting to your form
    Hi there, I was trying to find a solution to block spammers adding data to your database using C#. This is the quick solution I found.
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    8. Using Jalindi Igloo plugin (CVS) with VS.Net ... successfully
    This article describes the steps required to successfully get the Jalindi Igloo plugin to work with Visual Studio.Net 2003 and the latest CVS NT installation. Benefits include built-in SSH and improved security over using the stock Igloo installation.
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    9. ASP.NET Migration Summit - Moving from ASP to ASP.NET
    From this session, brought to you by Microsoft and DevelopMentor, you will learn the internal details of how ASP .NET works, from the new compiled processing model to the inheritance story of a page and code-behind. Also, learn about the strengths of Web Forms and a completly new Server-Side controls architecture. You will also learn how to scale a Web site by taking advantage of the new state management features in ASP .NET. Finally, you will learn about Web Services - how they work and where they fit in the world of distributed computing. Source code included.
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    10. Free DotNetNuke Skins & Containers
    Looking for free skins to enhance your DotNetNuke website, then visit eXtra Dimensions, register, login and download some cool skins to make your site look great. Nina Meiers, core team member, winner of the Most Professional DotNetNuke Skin for 2004, and over 45,000 downloads of skins and containers is an active participant in the DotNetNuke environment.<br><br>Daily blogs and regular site updating make this website one of the most active DotNetNuke resources with over 10,000 subscribers enjoying access to free skins and information.
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