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    PHP/ Articles Hot scripts::

    Presented here are a good collection of PHP/ Articles Hot scripts. Enjoy!
    1. PHP From an IT Manager's Perspective
    In this article, Tobias Ratschiller (who runs http://phpwizard.net) explains what PHP is, what it can do, and where it stands compared to other programming and scripting languages.
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    2. Data-Drive Sites with Midgard
    Zope isn't the only Open Source site-management tool out there. Brian Jepson introduces Midgard. Main topics include: Installing Midgard, Building a Simple Site with Midgard, Defining Styles for Your Site, Creating the Host, Creating Content, Updating the Home Page, and Data Collections.
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    3. Evolution of a Super Hero
    The release of PHP 4.0, the long-awaited, next generation of the popular Web scripting language, is just around the corner. The most recent version, release candidate 1, is stable and ready to take over PHP 3.0's role in Web application development. The release takes PHP to new levels, with increased performance, more features, and cleaner syntax.
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    4. PHP and XML, technical or cultural gap?
    Classified as 'the most popular Apache module' by E-Soft, PHP is one of the least frequently mentioned languages amongst the XML discussion lists. PHP4 brings many enhancements to PHP's object oriented features and should therefore allow a leap forward in the XML direction which PHP3 didn't allow.
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    5. PHP: Past, Present, and Future
    You may already know that PHP is fast, stable, and easy to learn, but you may not know how it got that way. In this interview, Rasmus Lerdorf, the creator of PHP, talks about the unlikely origins of this open-source product. Then core developers Stig Bakken, Andi Guttmans, and Zeev Suraski explain how they came to work on PHP and discuss the evolution of the language. Plus, you'll hear about the planned support for XML and MySQL and what's going on with Zend.
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    6. Under The Hood of PHP 4
    This article discusses features of PHP4, the most advanced version of PHP. Topics include: History Brief, Where Did We Go Wrong?, The Birth of Zend, and Design Changes In PHP 4 and Zend.
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    7. The latest best-kept secret
    With the same features as ASP and JSP, PHP is the fastest growing Apache add-on....as well as .asp and .jsp (and .htm/html for ordinary Web pages), another file extension is becoming increasingly common - .php....As another Netcraft survey shows, there are currently around 700,000 sites using it.
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    8. What You Should Know About PHP
    PHP can help you look like a web-wunderkid while saving you hours of drudgery. This online article / tutorial presents a little history on PHP, what PHP can do, how to get started with PHP, and more.
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    9. Web-Page Generator PHP Gets A Much-Needed Jolt in Version 4
    Talks about limitations with PHP3 and the new and improved features with PHP4. Covers various aspects of the new PHP4 in detail.
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    10. Treasure Trove
    PHP is a Web scripting language that is the functional equivalent of Microsoft's VBScript and Active Server Pages except that PHP is more platform-agnostic...PHP3 provides myriad powerful features for your Web applications.
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