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    PHP/ Online Communities Hot scripts::

    Presented here are a good collection of PHP/ Online Communities Hot scripts. Enjoy!
    1. ScriptHackers -- One Stop Community For Hacks
    ScriptHackers is the latest site where you can download/upload 100s of mods / skins / themes / hacks / templates / styles / modules / addons / blocks / etc. For popular PHP / MySQL scripts including: DCP-Portal, eZ publish CMS, Invision Gallery, Invision Power Board, Invision Power File Manager, Invision Power Top Site List, Mambo, OsCommerce, paFileDB, PHP Content Management System, PHP-Nuke, phpBB, phpMyFAQ, PHPOpenChat, PHProjekt, phpShop, phpWebSite, PostNuke, ZenCart (Zen-Cart), CRE Loaded, Quezza and many more. Come and join the community today. With downloads, support and a bug tracker, there is not better place for your hacks. WE ARE STILL A VERY NEW SITE!!!
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    2. Dev Dreams PHP Discussions
    With over 600 members and growing you are sure to get the answer you need. Registration is free and only takes a couple of minutes. We have various sections which cover all aspects of webdesign and online development. You can also earn points for being an active member and then spend these to purchase various items/advertising.
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    3. PHP Resources
    PHP-Resources.org has a large list of quality resources including tutorials and articles, books, scripts and applications, non-english resource sites and hosting. They also have a huge database of php newgroup posts with the ability to post questions and answers.
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    4. IP Number Block List Creator
    If you are having problem with bots and spiders that use large IP Blocks, this is the tool you need. No need to type long lists of IP numbers in your ACP. Let this little script do it for you. The default IP Block, for this script, is for Jet Eye Technologies. These folks will send out 15, or more, bots to your site (all at the same time) to crawl your site for hours and hours, day after day. I don't know what they are looking for, maybe e-mail addresses, but why let them suck up your band width.
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    5. PHPZEN forums (PHPBOARDS)
    The PHPZEN forum (PHPBOARDS) is a web based PHP discussion and help resource for all PHP related issues and questions. Community Forums for PHP programming, both experienced and new. Come on in and ask your question, seasoned professionals are always on hand to answer the most simple OR complex PHP questions. New free scripts for members.
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    6. PHP Community
    PHP Community is a place to discuss php. Need help in PHP, want to get a project done, interested in freelancing, whatever your reason may be, PHP Community is the place for all. Join today and enjoy the benefits of this wonderful community.
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    7. Open Source Education Course
    Our web site offers the beginner a strong education in the fundementals of Content Management, LAMP and WAMP, and CPANEL web server administration. The web site may be used as a guest, a registered member or can be taken as part of a certificate of proficiency program at Pulaski Technical College.
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    8. Webmaster Forums TalkingCity.com
    TalkingCity.Com Webmaster Discussion forums on web hosting, web design, search engine optimization (SEO) Forum, search engines, google, web programming, pay per click search engines message board, virtual private servers (VPS), PHP Forum, HTML, CSS, ASP.NET, ASP, Database, Webmaster News and Articles.
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    9. PHP News
    Find everything you need on PHP. From books to scripts, you will find what you are looking for.
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    10. CodeDemons - Programming Forums
    We have forums, chat, tutorials, and more. A full-fledged community of developers helping each other.
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