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    Remotely Hosted/ Auction Hot scripts::

    Presented here are a good collection of Remotely Hosted/ Auction Hot scripts. Enjoy!
    1. A Q Lister
    A Q Lister is an easy to use eBay Listing tool that allows new or experienced eBay sellers to create and list great looking ads and store items in seconds. -- Upload images for ads from right in your browser - up to 8 images per ad with FREE image hosting. Choose from hundreds of theme and template combinations with the click of your mouse. New themes are being added all the time. -- Set your listing preferences (price, start time, etc.) -- For Windows, Unix or Mac users.
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    2. SimpLister - Auction Listing Software
    SimpLister is an eBay certified, simple, inexpensive, and time-saving way to make and LIST Fantastic looking eBay ads! We are a listing and image hosting service for U.S. eBay auctions and stores. Save by using up to EIGHT images per ad with no image hosting charges. Load your images and create your ads without ever leaving your browser and then submit them to eBay from right on our site! Version 1.3 of SimpLister now supports multi-image uploading, free image hosting and eBay store support.
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    3. ARH Free Auction Hosting
    Choose from 18 colour schemes. Sniper protection, select cagegories and delete unwanted auctions. Based on the popular EveryAuction.
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    4. eBay Misspelled Item Search Misspellsearch.com
    Thousands of items on eBay are listed with misspelled descriptions, items, item names, from a single word to multiple words. These items often expire with no bids on them as no one can find them. That is why we developed this search engine to uncover those hidden Gems. eBay Misspelled Item Search will unlock many hidden misspellings and provide you with more buying dollars. This search box can also be placed upon your own website with no restrictions. If they can misspell it, we can find it on eBay.
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    5. eBay Blog Creator. And Real Time Item Display
    This is a Free eBay Blog creator of your current auction listings. By taking a snap shot of your current auctions eBay Blogger will help drive traffic to your current listings and also help place you higher in the search engine ranking. We offer 2 versions of this software, a static version to create ad's to be placed in your current ebay auction ad's and about me pages. The second is a real time ad creator.
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    6. JustSnipe.com - An Ebay Auction Sniper
    JustSnipe is an online service provider that helps you to place auction orders at the last moment before the auction on eBay is closed. This application helps avoid bidding war and increase a winning chance. Registration through SSL is secured and simple. JustSnipe offers varieties of service level, ranging from limited version (free snipe every week) to unlimited version (paid subscription).
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    7. e-QMS
    e-QMS system covers three sepecific areas: * The RFQ system is designed for specifically for Manufacturing companies to automate their core purchasing activities. It achieves this by standardising the RFQ process for purchasing commodity based parts. * The Live Bid system is designed for online bidding on multiple line items by suppliers tough either reverse open or closed bidding. * Both of above systems intergrate with the Supplier Management system, that allows your purchasing experts to profile information on all your suppliers in a standard format.
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    8. BidWorks - Online Auction Services
    BidWorks manages your e-mail account(s), scanning for auction related email sent automatically by eBay and communicates with the buyer. Send out personalized HTML email automatically to your buyer at the end of an eBay auction! You add your own logos, text, fonts colours, personal messages, payment option etc. Nothing to download, the service runs 24 hours a day!
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    9. CGISpy.com Auctions
    CGISpy.com Auctions are remotely hosted auctions at their best. You can customize the look, and with features like user registration, closed auctions, and built in help sections, you can't go wrong.
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