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ASP/ Books Hot scripts::

Presented here are a good collection of ASP/ Books Hot scripts. Enjoy!
1. Designing Active Server Pages
Designing Active Server Pages provides an important tool for often-overworked ASP programmers: a set of techniques for making the wisest use of the technology in a production environment. Targeting an audience of readers who already are seasoned in ASP, this book explores techniques for producing 'reusable and robust ASP applications.' Presentation and example compose the approach here, with concise tables of information and descriptions that make the book a fast read. Topics covered: Choosing a server-side scripting language, Exception handling, Regular expressions, Building reusable forms, Reusable database administration pages, COM overview, Lesser-known Microsoft COM components, and Important third-party COM components.
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2. Professional ADO 2.5 RDS Programming with ASP 3.0
Getting the most out of ASP-based Web pages on the Microsoft Web platform is the mission of Professional ADO 2.5 RDS Programming with ASP 3.0, a practical-minded tutorial for developing Web pages with dynamic content using the latest standards from Microsoft, including ADO, RDS, and XML. It features short, comprehensible tutorials on basic ASP development using ActiveX Data Objects and Remote Data Services for Internet Explorer. The text is filled with useful information, including bug workarounds, gotchas, and tips for better performance. Of special interest is the material on using XML to deliver database results. Another helpful section shows how to use Visual Basic to create data objects on the middle tier. This simple solution will at least get you started with Microsoft's Distributed interNet Architecture for creating scalable Web applications.
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3. Mastering Active Server Pages 3
Ideal for anyone building dynamic Web sites, for e-commerce and other uses, this book provides step-by-step instructions for mastering the latest version of ASP technology. CD-ROM contains all the code from the book, including fully functional ASP scripts, and a fully functional copy of Chili!Soft ASP Developer Edition for NT and Linux.
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4. Active Server Pages 3.0 by Example
ASP by Example assumes a basic knowledge of VBScript and teaches you how to create dynamic web sites quickly and easily. Using real-world examples, ASP 3 by Example teaches proper, accepted coding techniques that will cause fewer problems and allow you to apply your knowledge to more than simply the task at hand. Topics include: ASP, objects, cookies, applications, and database access.
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5. Beginning Active Server Pages 3.0
Beginning Active Server Pages 3.0 is an excellent introduction to the ASP 3.0. This guide expects no previous ASP knowledge or even previous Web development experience. Its friendly style makes this book welcome reading at all skill levels. The material is carefully presented to avoid losing readers who are totally new to ASP programming, yet it still provides impressive technical coverage, beginning with the very basic concepts behind ASP programming and moving forward to advanced coding techniques. As each topic is presented, relevant screen shots and useful code snippets under the heading How It Works complement the text. The chapters also include step-by-step exercises to familiarize you with new techniques and tools. An extensive case study application takes you through the entire development process as well. If you are interested in Web coding Microsoft-style, this is the right place to start.
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6. Herong's Tutorial Notes on ASP
Notes and sample codes collected while learning ASP. Topics covered include: ActiveX, ASP, attachment, binary file, book, collection, cookies, example, free, HTTP reponse header, IIS, language, online, Perl, redirect, sample codes, scripting, script debugger, script runtime DLL, session, tutorial, VBScript
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