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    Free Banner Exchange Services

    UK Banner Exchange Network - The fantastically designed UKBX (UK Banner Exchange Network) provides a 5:4 ratio free banner exchange for UK-based sites. Unlike many other similar banner exchanges, they do not add any additional advertising below or to the side of exchanged banners. UKBX also provides a reliable free counter service and information about Web site promotion.

    SearchPronto Banner Exchange - SearchPronto's free banner exchange service allows you to promote your site for free by exchanging advertising space with other members. They offer a 5:4 exchange ratio, where for every five banner impressions you serve, four of your own will be displayed on other member sites. You'll gain 2000 free impressions just for joining and 20 for each click.

    United Banners - Here's a free banner exchange service for Webmasters. United Banners offer a 2:1 exchange ratio, where for every two banners you display on your site, one of your own will be displayed on another member site. Along with this, 7 popular banner sizes are supported, plus they include 500 free banner credits simply for joining (registering is straight-forward process).

    WorldBE.com - Offers a professional free banner exchange with various exchange ratios, depending on your Web site's banner performance. The top 50% of participating sites will receive a ratio of 1:1. Features at WorldBE.com include: unlimited banners/sites, online statistics, category and country targeting and much more. Beginners and also advanced users will find this service very useful.

    Impressionz UK - A superb free banner exchange service for the UK. Impressionz UK initially provides their members with 2500 free banner impressions under a 6:10 exchange ratio. A small "Impressions UK" advert is tagged on to each banner to promote their service, however, this is by no means obtrusive. 468x60, 120x60 and 120x600 pixel banners are supported here.

    HitExchange - A popular free banner exchange network offering a 5:4 exchange ratio and a choice of three banner sizes: 400x40, 400x50 and the most popular, 468x60. HitExchange allows you to target specific types of Web sites to maximize the number of visitors clicking in to your site. Along with this, they provide IP and URL referrer tracking via a simple online control panel.

    UKBanners.com - Currently the largest UK banner exchange network serving over 8 million impressions a month. Each new account receives 100 free impressions plus, they offer a 5:4 banner exchange ratio, meaning for every 5 banners you show, your banner will get shown 4 times across the network. Their sister site, UKButtons.com offers a banner exchange for smaller sized adverts.

    Link Buddies - This is one of the most versatile free banner services on the Web. Link Buddies doesn't attach any ugly "tags" promoting themselves on your banners like many similar services do. They'll also give you the chance to earn extra impressions by referring other members to the scheme. You receive 500 free impressions just for joining and a fair rotation ratio of 1:1.

    Banner Files - Looking to promote your Web site? Banner Files provides free banner management software with a range of nifty features, such as "Campaigns Management", "Advertiser and Publishers Management", Detail Reports, Applets and much more besides. Their "free" package is hosted remotely and advert-based. To request the software, you must first e-mail them.

    Exchange-It - Very good banner exchange service that delivers impressions on time, every time. Although this service operates as a "banner exchange", should the need arise, you may purchase extra impressions. Real-time click stats are recorded accurately plus members can earn bonus credits when somebody clicks on an active banner. We've found it to be a reliable and solid service.

    Free Banner Swap - Looking to increase your site's traffic? This classy free service allows you to advertise your site by exchanging banner adverts. The exchange ratio here is 1:1, meaning for every impression you show, your banner will be displayed once on another member's site. They are offering 100 "starter" credits on registration and provide statistics so you can view your performance.
    Note: Free Banner Swap has ended its free banner exchange service.

    Probanex UK - Here's an excellent, reliable and completely free banner exchange service for UK-based Web sites. After placing a small snippet of HTML code into your Web site's pages, for every three banner impressions you show, two impressions will be displayed on another member site. Probanex UK uses the standard (and most popular) 468x60 pixel size for rotating banners.
    Note: Probanex UK appears to have ended its free banner exchange service.

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