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    Free PHP Scripts - Content Management Systems (CMS)

    CMSimple Content Management

    CMSimple Content Management is designed for webmasters with relatively small sites (less than 2 Mb in text content). It does not need your site to have a database - the content of your site is stored in a single HTML file. It has an online JavaScript-based WYSIWYG editor that works in Mozilla and IE 5.5 and above (doesn't work in other browsers). The program is free, but requires you to preserve the link to their site.

    phpwcms - Web Content Management System

    phpwcms is a content management system that uses PHP and MySQL. It includes multiple WYSIWYG editors, a frontend CSS editor, image resizing capabilities, file manager, support for meta tags, template editor, W3C conforming frontend rendering, etc. It can be installed on Windows 2000/XP, Mac OSX and Linux. The package is released under the GNU General Public License.

    TYPO3 Open Source Content Management System

    TYPO3 is an open source content management system that is multilingual; allows WYSIWYG editing using a rich text editor (this feature is only for IE Windows users); has wizards for making tables, bullet lists, mail forms, etc; allows multiple page editing; allows offline editing, preview of content online, scheduled publishing; has an indexed search engine, a direct mail or newsletter system, etc. Administrators have access control (the ability to control access to various parts of the system), statistics, logging, version control with unlimited undos, raw database access, etc. You can use HTML templates, PHP scripts, create protected areas, and so on. The entire system is released under the GNU General Public License.

    ezContents Content Management System

    ezContents is an open source website countent management system that uses PHP and MySQL. You can add authors that write content, manage permissions, workflow, create a layout, etc. It supports both sites with frames and those without.

    phpCMS - PHP Content Management System

    This PHP content management script includes a file manager, full text search engine, online editor, statistics, dynamic menus, etc. Unlike many of the other content management systems (CMS), this one works with flat files.

    Open-Medium CMS

    This content management script requires you to have PHP and MySQL installed on your server. It supports templates, WYSIWYG previews, a sitemap, a search engine, etc. It is released under the GNU General Public License.


    This content management system is template driven and has a search engine, dynamic navigation bar, article posting, banner management, news posting, link indexing, etc. It is released under the GNU GPL.


    According to the website, arbplate is a "PHP-based template system that allows the separation of code and design." It is released under the GNU GPL. It looks like you need MySQL.

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