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    Free PHP Scripts - Forum, BBS, Message Boards, Discussion Boards


    MercuryBoard is a bulletin board script written in PHP 4. It uses a MySQL database and supports emoticons, search engine, help engine, an admin control panel, etc.

    Ultimate PHP Board (UPB)

    The Ultimate PHP Board is a PHP message board script that supports threaded discussions. I'm not sure what all the features are though. At the time I wrote this, the site had little information about the board's features.

    phpBB Forum

    This PHP based forum or BBS requires you to have MySQL, MS-SQL, PostgreSQL, or an Access/ODBC database server. It purports to be customizable, has a search utility (allowing your BBS visitors to be able to search the forum), private messaging system, unlimited forums and posts, multiple forum moderators, IP tracking on posts, an installation script, the ability to turn on/off HTML in posts, and so on.

    Zorum Community Forum Software

    This is another PHP based community forum (message board) software. It requires a MySQL database, the Apache web server, and PHP version 4. According to its website, your server must also be running on Linux. The software supports both threaded and linear views. Other features include different permission levels, user profiles, moderated forums, personalisation, etc. It may be used free of charge for non-commercial purposes, but you have to register, and you may not put advertisements, banners, affiliate links or "any kind of commercial activity" on the forum pages of the site.

    tForum Bulletin Board System

    tForum is a PHP bulletin board system that uses a MySQL database for storing the messages. It supports unlimited categories and boards, unlimited moderators, unlimited administrators, emoticons, IP banning, IP logging and display, email duplicate check, email notifications, close topic, word filtering, message preview, delete topic, search engine, customizable UBB codes, customizable HTML codes, user profiles, lost password retrieval, mass message deletion, mass message lock, mass user deletion, etc.

    XMB Forum

    XMB is a PHP forum that uses a MySQL database for storage. The free version puts footers and embeds HTML tags into your pages. You are not allowed to remove these footers/tags.

    Phorum Message Board

    Phorum is a PHP based message board with support for threads and interfaces with MySQL, PostgreSQL and possibly others.

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