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    Mailing Lists and Newsletter Providers Mailer4U.com - Using Mailer4U.com, you can add a newsletter subscription box to your Web site, which allows visitors to opt-in to your newsletter. This service will then automatically build your mailing list and handle outdated e-mail addresses. Please note that Mailer4U.com is free for 500 e-mails a month with a limit on 10,000 subscribers.

    DK3.com Mailing List - This service allows you to publish your own e-mail newsletter without installing advanced mailing list software. One thing that we particularly like about DK3's mailing list is there are no limits on the number of subscribers you have, or the size of messages you send. Features include: double opt-in, message archive and online subscribe and unsubscribe box.

    ListPower.com - Here's an ever-growing service that allows you to create and manage your own e-mail newsletter. Newsletters form part of most Web site communities nowadays, and if you haven't got one yet, you really should consider it. ListPower.com has all the tools needed to generate a successful mailing list and is hosted remotely, ideal for inexperienced Web site owners. 

    FanBlast! - The FanBlast! free mailing list application lets you quickly provide a rich content newsletter system for your Web site, keeping your site’s visitors informed and ready to visit again. It features full online account administration, multiple address books, HTML content, template storage, subscriber management, double opt-in option, and more.

    Server.com - Servers.com's solution to publishing your own Internet newsletter is robust, reliable and secure. Here, you can provide your visitors with a simple "subscribe" form and add (or delete) subscribers as you wish. Other features include: password protection, anti-spam countermeasures, unlimited number of subscribers, fast connections and a searchable mailing list database.

    YourMailingListProvider.com - A solid and professional mailing list provider that provides free newsletter list services for Web site owners wishing to keep "in touch" with their visitors. They don't add advertisements to the messages you send, meaning your lists are completely customised and also have a great administration control panel with many options available, plus account notices.

    NotifyList.com - NotifyList.com is a completely free, fast and easy way to set up a mailing list. There are no frills here, just the basic functions that a good mailing list requires: view and remove members, send a message to all subscribers, edit the list's settings, change your password and a few other extras. After "testing" this service, we've found it to be an ideal place for new Webmasters.

    Bravenet.com - Amongst many other services (counters, guestbooks, polls, etc.), there's an excellent mailing list provider at Bravenet. To begin collecting addresses and sending out newsletters, just click on the link labeled "mailing (distributed) list" and register. At Bravenet you will receive a form to add to your site, unsubscription utility, a test mode and even backup tools.

    SmartGroups.com - SmartGroups is a smashing service that allows Webmasters (or anybody else for that matter) to create an online community, complete with mailing list contact. The service is not just for an e-mail community, though. You can share pictures with group members and take votes on important issues. There's also an option to create questionnaires for fun or demographic purposes.

    Yahoo! Groups - This service originated when Onelist and eGroups.com merged, later to be taken over by one of the Internet's most recognised Web sites. To be perfectly honest, it's not the place a large site would host their mailing list, however, for smaller Web sites, it's an ideal place to create a type of community. As with all Yahoo!'s sites, users are required to have a membership name.

    Topica - Although it isn't as detailed as other Web sites, Topica provides an excellent mixture of groups, mailing lists and newsletter services. If you're looking to start your own opt-in e-mail newsletter, we would highly recommend this service. It contains very powerful tools, an address import and download feature, complete list management an a user-friendly user control panel.
    Note: Topica no longer provides a free newsletter service, although a commercial version is available.

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