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Giving Color to your HTML pages:
coloring text coloring link coloring background

Coloring text

Do you want to give cool color to the text in your webpage? You need two things to change text colors

You need two things:
1. A command to change the text.
2. A color (hex) code.

(1)We can color text using<body> tag:

<body text=red>

(2)coloring text by using the <basefont> or <font> tags

If you want to change some word's color simply use the attribute "color"

e.g. <basefont color=red>

<font color=red>red</font>

<body text=red>
All the text under this body tag is red unless you specify the color using <font> tag.<br>

<font color=blue>This line is inside the <font> tag and color is blue</font><Br>

This is also outside font tag.



Coloring Links:

If you want to change the color of all links in a webpage, simply use the attribute "link=?"
For example :<body link=blue>

We can give different colors for a visited link and an active link. To set the color of a visited link use the attribute "vlink=?" and to set the color of an active link use the attribute "alink=?".

<body  link="blue" vlink="red" alink="green" border="0">
<a href="html/intro.htm" >Introduction</a><Br>

<a href="html/basic.htm">A basic html file</a><Br>

<a href="html/metatag.htm" >Use of meta tags</a>



HTML Backgrounds:

A good background can make a Web site look really great. To give a background color to your web page, use this attribute in the <body> tag: "bgcolor=?"

e.g. <body bgcolor=yellow>

Image files as Background:

You can add an image file as background. Assuming that your image is now in the same directory as your HTML document this is the attribute of the <body> tag that you would use:

<body background="image1.gif">

If you add bgproperties="fixed" then the background image won't scroll.<body background="image1.gif" bgproperties="fixed"> . See the example below.



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