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URL example

Enter a url in the textbox and then click go. It even updates the status bar with the new url and a message



<script language="javascript">

function Go(j) {

var newURL;
newURL = document.testform.goto.value

if (URLis == "" || URLis.length <= 7)
j.value = "Try Again"
alert('\nOops!\n\nYou must enter a valid URL');
window.status=('Missing data or Invalid. Try again?.')
j.value = "Connecting to: http:\\" + URLis
var location=("http://" + URLis);
this.location.href = location
window.status=('Connecting to ' + URLis + ' Please wait........');


<FORM NAME="testform">
<input maxlength=50 name=goto size=55><br>
<input onClick=Go(this) type=button value=" Go to.. " width="50" name="button">



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