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AdRotator(For Advertisements):
This is useful when you want to have an Ad Banner to switch between advertisements in a round-robin fashion. When you click on the Advertisement, it will take you to the  corresponding website.Eg: In the following example, there are 3 advertisements(this is only an example). See how it works !

Complete Source Code is given below. To use it, all you have to do is : 
<1> Insert the source code given below into your HTML file between your <body> and </body> tags

<2> Decide how many Advertisements you may have and change the following line accordingly: 
var AdTotals= 3;
You may want to change the delay between Ads by changing the following line: 
var AdDelay= 5000;

<3> Change the following lines in the code. Use your image files and destination URL’s. 
AdsArray[1]= new AddImage("1200","50","imagefile1.gif","","0") 
AdsArray[2]= new AddImage("1200","50","imagefile2.gif","","0") 
AdsArray[3]= new AddImage("1200","50","imagefile3.gif","","0")<4> Change the following line. 
imgSRC="../logo.gif" to imgSRC="imagefile1.gif(your first image in the array)<a href="javascript:JumpToAd();"><imgSRC="../logo.gif" WIDTH=300 HEIGHT=50 NAME="AdBanner" BORDER=0> </a>

Good Luck ! 

Complete Source Code: 
<script language = "Javascript">//CurrentImage is the current selected Image 
var CurrentImage=""; 
//AdURL is the current selected Advertisement URL 
var AdURL=""; 
//AdIndex is the current selected Advertisement 
var AdIndex=1; 
//AdTotals is the total number of Ads 
var AdTotals= 3; 
//AdDelay is the delay between Ads in milliseconds 
var AdDelay= 5000; 
AdsArray =new Array()//This functionadds an image object to the array 'AdsArray' 
function AddImage(w,h,s,l,b){ 
 this.width= w 
 this.height= h 
 this.src= s 
 this.href= l 
 this.border= b 
}//Rotate ads by first updating the AdIndex 
function RotateAds(){ 
 AdIndex= AdIndex + 1; 
 if (AdIndex> AdTotals) AdIndex=1; 
 document.AdBanner.src= CurrentImage; 
 document.AdBanner.width= AdsArray[AdIndex].width; 
 document.AdBanner.height= AdsArray[AdIndex].height; 
}//Go to URL behind the current displayed Advertisement 
function JumpToAd(){ 
  window.location= AdURL; 

 AdsArray[1]= new AddImage("1200","50","../logo.gif","","0") 
AdsArray[2]= new AddImage("1200","50","../amazonlogo.gif","","0") 
AdsArray[3]= new AddImage("1200","50","../banner.gif","","0")</script></head> 
<body onLoad="window.setTimeout('RotateAds();',5000);"> 
<a href="javascript:JumpToAd();"><imgSRC="../logo.gif" WIDTH=300 HEIGHT=50 NAME="AdBanner" BORDER=0> </a> 


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