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Coloring text: Do you want to give cool color to the text in your webpage? You need two things to change text colors

You need two things:
1. A command to change the text.
2. A color (hex) code.

(1)We can color text using<body> tag: 

<body text=red>(2)coloring text by using the <basefont> or <font> tags.
If you want to change some word’s color simply use the attribute “color”e.g. <basefont color=red> 
<font color=red>red</font>
<body text=red> 
All the text under this body tag is red unless you specify the color using <font> tag.<br> 
<font color=blue>This line is inside the <font> tag and color is blue</font><Br> 
This is also outside font tag. 

Coloring Links:If you want to change the color of all links in a webpage, simply use the attribute “link=?” 
For example :<body link=blue>We can give different colors for a visited link and an active link. To set the color of a visited link use the attribute “vlink=?” and to set the color of an active link use the attribute “alink=?”.
<body  link="blue" vlink="red" alink="green" border="0"> 
<a href="html/intro.htm" >Introduction</a><Br> 
<a href="html/basic.htm">A basic html file</a><Br> 
<a href="html/metatag.htm" >Use of meta tags</a></body> 


HTML Backgrounds:A good background can make a Web site look really great. To give a background color to your web page, use this attribute in the <body> tag: “bgcolor=?”e.g. <body bgcolor=yellow>
Image files as Background:You can add an image file as background. Assuming that your image is now in the same directory as your HTML document this is the attribute of the <body> tag that you would use:<body background="image1.gif">
If you add bgproperties=”fixed” then the background image won’t scroll.
<body background="image1.gif" bgproperties="fixed"> . See the example below.Top

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