What is ASP?

Active Server Pages(ASP)  is a new way of creating dynamic web pages.ASP is not a language.It’s not an application ,like frontPage 98 or Word 97. It is a technology for building dynamic and interactive web pages. ASP is a mix of HTML, scripts and ASP code that enables you to build dynamic  and database-driven web sites. Ofcourse this is not the first technology to do this ,but it’s one of the easiest and fastest. ASP was officially announced to the world by Microsoft on July 16,1996 , and released to beta on November 1996 , and shipped on December 12 on 1996.

ASP is interpreted by the server and the information is returned to the browser to display.This means you can use any browser to view the results.Ther are two servers available from Microsoft namely ,Internet Information Server
(IIS) and Personal Web Server(PWS).IIS And PWS come in two versions of the NT 4 Option Pack  for the different windows platforms , one for NT and one for 95/98 and NT work station.

Difference between HTML and ASP

The main difference is that HTML is interpreted by the browser , While ASP is executed on Web Server.

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