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connection to DB

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We have seen that

connection is what links ASP script to Datastore and ADO is the

way we actually get data to and from the data store.The Connectionobject

is what ADO uses to store our information about data store connection.A Connection

object represents a unique session with a data store and we can have different

connection to different datastores at the same time.

Asp – Creating connection to dB

Before making

a connection to dB we need the following information.


Provider type of OLE-DB

provider.By default provider is ODBC

Driver ODBC driver

such as Access or SQL Server

Server Which server

to connect to

DSN name of the

data source

Database/DBQ actual database


USERID optional.This

is user name

PASSWORD optional.Password

for user

We can open connection

to dB using following syntax:


Dim objConn

Set objConn = Server.CreateObject(“ADODB.Connection”)

objConn.Open “Driver = {Microsoft Access

Driver (*.mdb);DBQ=C;\Inet\wwwroot\EgAsp\dbname.mdb”



is another way of opening connection by using DSN.


objConn.Open “DSN = name”%>



strconnection = “Driver = {Microsoft Access

Driver (*.mdb);DBQ=C;\Inet\wwwroot\EgAsp\dbname.mdb”

objConn.Connectionstring = strconnection




Asp Connection Object – Methods



Method Syntax Description
Open objConn.Open (ConnectionString, UserID, Password, Options) Opens a connection to a data source. UserId , Password and

options are optional

Close objConn.Close close a Connection object and any active Recordset objects

associated with the connection.

Execute objConn.Execute (CommandText, RecordsAffected, Options ) Executes the specified query, SQL statement, stored procedure,

or provider-specific text. Where

CommandText is a String value that contains the SQL statement,

table name, stored procedure, a URL, or povider-specific text to execute,

RecordsAffected is a variable to which the provider returns the number of

records that the operation affected and Options indicates how the provider

should evaluate the CommandText argument. RecordsAffected and options are  


Cancel objConn.Cancel Cancels execution of a pending, asynchronous method call.The

last asynchronous call to this method is Execute and open.


Asp Connection Object – Properties



Property Syntax Description
ConnectionString objConn.ConnectionString=value specifies a data source by passing a detailed connection

string containing a series of argument = value statements separated by semicolons.

ConnectionTimeOut objConn.TimeOut=40 Indicates how long to wait while establishing a connection

before terminating the attempt and generating an error.Default is 15.

Provider ObjCcnn.Provider = “Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.3.51” Indicates the name of the provider for a Connection object
State objConn.state Indicates for all applicable objects whether the state of

the object is open or closed.

Version objConn.Version Indicates the ADO version number



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