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We know that each

individual piece of information in a record is called field and field object

corresponds to a column in the Recordset.Field collection Contains all the Field

objects of a Recordset or Record Fields collection contains an entry

for each field in the current record.

Asp Field Collection – Methods


Method Syntax Description
Append objFields.Append

(Name, Type, Size, Attrib, Value)


and adds a Field object to the collection.Name is the name of new field,Type

is the data type of the new field. Size,Attrid,Value are optional.Size

represents the defined size, in characters or bytes, of the new field,Value

is a Variant that represents the value for the new field. If not specified,

then the field is appended with a null value.

Delete objFields.Delete



an object from the Fields collection.The  field parameter can be

the name of the Field object or the ordinal position of the Field object


Update objRecord.Fields.Update this finalizes

any additions or deletions.

CancelUpdate objRecord.Fields.CancelUpdate Cancels

any changes made to the Fields collection of a Record object, before calling

the Update method.


Asp Field Collection – Properties



Property Syntax Description
Count objFields.Count Indicates

the number of objects in a collection.Since numbering for members of a collection

begins with zero, you should always code loops starting with the zero member

and ending with the value of the Count property minus 1.

Item objFields.Item


return a

specific member in a collection.



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