Javascript Date and Time Object

The Date object is used to work with dates and times. In java you can either make a Date object by supplying the date of your choice, or you can let Javascript create a Date object based on your visitor’s system clock. It is usually best to let Javascript simply use the system clock. We define a Date object with the new keyword.

To warm up our Javascript Date object skills, let’s see how to create todays date. First define a Date object.If you do not supply any arguments to the Date constructor (this makes the Date object) then it will create a Date object based on the visitor’s internal clock.

The following code line defines a Date object called myDate:var myDate=new Date()

When creating a Date object based on the computer’s (not web server’s!) internal clock, it is important to note that if someone’s clock is off by a few hours or they are in a different time zone, then the Date object will create a different time than the one created with your own computer.

Javascript Date Today

The Date object has been created and now we have a variable that holds the current date. To get the information we need to print out the date we have to utilize some or all of the following functions:

  • getTime() – Number of milliseconds since 1/1/1970 @ 12:00 AM
  • getSeconds() – Number of seconds (0-59)
  • getMinutes() – Number of minutes (0-59)
  • getHours() – Number of hours (0-23)
  • getDay() – Day of the week(0-6). 0 = Sunday, … , 6 = Saturday
  • getDate() – Day of the month (0-31)
  • getMonth() – Number of month (0-11)
  • getFullYear() – The four digit year (1970-9999)

Now we can print out the date information. We will be using the getDate, getMonth, and getFullYear methods in this example.

HTML & Javascript Code:

 <h4>It is now <script type="text/javascript"> 
<!-- var currentTime = new Date() var month = currentTime.getMonth() 
+ 1 var day = currentTime.getDate() var year = currentTime.getFullYear() 
document.write(month + "/" + day + "/" + year) //--> </script> </h4> 


It is now 9/13/2017

Page contents: – Learn how to use dates and time using javascript.

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