Photoshop – Color palette & Swatches palette

Color palette swatches palette

Using photoshop color palette:

The Color Palette, and the Swatch Palette in photoshop help you for selecting color.

photoshop Color palette You can use color palette to select foreground and background color. To display the Color palette Choose Window > Show Color.The color palette provides a color ramp along the bottom of the palette for quickly picking an approximate color. The current foreground and background colors are displayed in the color palette in addition to the toolbox.photoshop color palette. To edit the foreground color click in the color and to edit the background color Alt/Option clicking on the color ramp . Or To make the foreground or background color selection box active, click the box.photoshop color palette and then pick the color.

The Color palette displays the color values for the current foreground and background colors. Using the sliders in the Color palette, you can edit the foreground and background colors according to several different color models. You can also choose a background or foreground color from the spectrum of colors displayed in the color bar.


Using the photoshop swatches palette:

The swatches are a generic set of colors. You can choose a foreground or background color from the Swatches palette.To display the Color palette Choose Window >Show Swatches.To choose a foreground color, click a color in the Swatches palette. To choose a background color, Alt-click a color in the Swatches palette. photoshop swatches palette

You can add or delete colors to create a custom swatch set. Suppose you like a particular color in an image and you want to use that color in future, you don’t have to remember the color code. you can add that to the swatch set.You can also save a set of swatches and reload them for use in another image.

To add a color to swatches palette, select the color you want to add, then position the pointer over an empty space in the bottom row of the Swatches palette (the pointer turns into the paint bucket tool), and click to add the color.

To replace an existing swatch, select the color you want to add ,then holding down the down Shift position the pointer over a swatch and click.

To insert a new swatch, select the color you want to add ,press Shift+Alt and click a swatch.

To Delete a swatch, Hold down Ctrl , position the pointer over a swatch (the pointer turns into scissors), and click.

Save New swatch set, Click the arrow(on the right side) in the swatch palette and Choose any command.
• Reset Swatches to use the default set of swatches.
• Load Swatches to append the swatches stored in a file to the current set of swatches.
• Replace Swatches to replace the current swatch set with the swatches stored in a file.
• Save Swatches to save the current swatches in a file.



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