Photoshop – Filling and stroking a Selection

Filling a selection Fill with a pattern Stroking

Photoshop provides a variety of ways to fill a selection or a layer with colors, images, or patterns. You can also paint a border around a selection or a layer using the Stroke command.

To fill a selection or a layer:

photoshop fill
Select the area
photoshop fill
Fill the area

1 Specify a foreground or background color.
2 Select the area you want to fill. To fill an entire layer, select the layer in the Layers palette.
3 Choose Edit > Fill to fill the selection or layer.
4 Choose an option:
• Foreground Color, Background Color, Black, 50% Gray, or White to fill the selection with the specified color.
• Pattern to fill the selection with a pattern.
• History to restore the selected area to a state or snapshot of the image.
5 Specify an opacity and blending mode.
6 If you’re working in a layer and want to fill only areas containing pixels, select Preserve Transparency.(See fig 3)
7 Click OK to fill the selection.


To fill a selection with pattern:

You can define a pattern to fill the selection. The pattern you defined is repeated as tiles within the selection. If you want to reuse patterns, save a file of swatches for defining patterns. You can also use the pattern stamp tool to paint with a pattern.

photoshop patteren fill
fig1:Select a pattern
photoshop patteren fill
fig2:Fill with the pattern
photoshop patteren fill
fig3:Fill with the pattern when Preserve Transparency is selected

1 Make a rectangular selection around the part of the image you want to use as the pattern.
2 Choose Edit > Define Pattern.
3 Select the part of the image you want to fill.
4 Choose Edit > Fill.
5 Choose Pattern and click OK.


Stroke a selection or layer

(1) Specify a foreground color.
(2) Select the area or layer you want to stroke.
(3) Choose Edit > Stroke.
(4) Specify the width of the hard-edged border. Values can range from 1 to 16 pixels.
(5) For Location, specify whether to place the border inside, outside, or directly over the selection or layer boundaries.
(6) Specify an opacity and a blending mode .
(7) If you’re working in a layer and want to stroke only areas containing pixels, select the Preserve Transparency option.
(8) Click OK to stroke the selection or layer.

photoshop stroke
Select the area
photoshop stroke
apply stroke
photoshop stroke
When Preserve Transparency selected stroke applied to only areas containing pixels


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