Photoshop Info Palette

The Photoshop and ImageReady Info palettes display information like,color values, cursor position, selection or transformation or selection width & height. In Photoshop, hexadecimal values for colors are displayed in the Info palette when you select Web Color Mode for one or both color readouts. In ImageReady, hexadecimal values for colors are displayed automatically in the right side of the Info palette, next to RGB color values.

photoshop info palette

1 Choose Window > Show Info or click the Info palette tab to view the palette.
2 Choose Palette Options from the palette menu.
3 Under First Color Readout,choose Web Color from the Mode menu & Second Color Readout, choose CMYK Color from the Mode menu.
4 Click OK.

The Info palette displays the hexadecimal equivalents for the RGB values of the color, the x & y location beneath the pointer in the image.

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