Photoshop Navigator Palette

The Navigator palette lets you navigate within an image or to adjust the zoom level of an image. To display navigator palette, Choose Window > Show Navigator.When you open a document in photoshop, in the center of the Navigator palette, you’ll see a small thumbnail representation of your image, surrounded by a red outline representing the visible area of your document. If your entire image is visible, the outline surrounds the entire thumbnail. For example in the following picture the outline is around the middle part and only a part of the image is shown.

phptoshop navigator palette

You can magnify or reduce your view by sliding the Zoom slider or by clicking Zoom In /Zoom Out button. To move the view of the image Do one of the following:

• Drag the view box, which represents the boundaries of the image window.(In the above fig see the green boundary box.)
• Click in the thumbnail of the image. The new view includes the area you click.
To change the color of the Navigator palette view box.


1 Choose Palette Options from the Navigator palette menu.

2 Choose a color:
• To use a preset color, choose an option for Color.
• To specify a different color, click the color box, and choose a color as described in Using the Adobe Photoshop Color Picker.

3 Click OK.

Try these viewing shortcuts:
• Press Page Up/Page Down to scroll the view up/down by one screen.
• Press Shift+Page Up/Shift+Page Down to scroll up or down by 10 pixels, or to move to the previous or next frame in a Filmstrip file.


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