Photoshop – Working with palettes

When you first open Photoshop, the palettes appear in stacked group on the right edge of your screen. The first group contains the Navigator, Info, and Options palettes. Next is the Color Swatches, and Brushes palettes. Below that are the History and Actions Palettes. Finally, you have the Layers, Channels, and Paths Palettes.

Palette groups can be moved around in the workspace by clicking on the title bar and dragging. Each palette group has a collapse and a close button in the title bar area. Palettes help you monitor and modify images. You can display or hide them as you work. To show or hide a palette: Choose Window > Show(the appropriate) or Window > Hide command. Show displays the selected palette at the front of its group; Hide conceals the entire group.

phptoshop palette

Reorganizing the palette display

• To hide or display all open palettes and the toolbox, Press Tab. To hide or display the palettes only, press Shift+Tab.
• To make a palette appear at the front of its group, click the palette’s tab.
• To move an entire palette group, drag its title bar.
• To rearrange or separate a palette group, drag a palette’s tab. Dragging a palette outside of an existing group creates a new group.
• To move a palette to another group, drag the palette’s tab to that group.
• To display a palette menu, position the pointer on the triangle in the upper right corner of the palette, and hold down the mouse button.
• To change the height of a palette (except the Color, Options, or Info palette), drag its lower right corner. To return the palette to default size, click the minimize/maximize box in the right of the title bar. (A second click collapses the palette group.)
• To collapse a group to palette titles only, Alt-click the minimize/maximize box Or double-click a palette’s tab.
• To reset palettes to the default positions, Choose File > Preferences > General and then Click Reset Palette Locations to Defaults.
•To start always with the preset palette and dialog box positions, Choose File > Preferences > General and then Deselect Save Palette Locations.


The following table shows all photoshop palettes in detail.

Color palette Swatches palette Brushes palette
Layer palette Channels Palette Paths palette
Navigator Palette Info Palette Option palette
History Palette Action Palette



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