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Free Transform Choosing Transform from the menu

What is tranforming in photoshop?

Transforming means change a picture’s appearance by modifying one or more of its physical characteristics. The transform functions in Photoshop include scaling, rotating, skewing, changing perspective, distorting, and flipping. In Photoshop you can either transform entire images, or individual layers and/or specific part of image. The transforming options are located under the Edit menu . You can use a Free Transform command to rotate or scale and image without selecting them from the menu.Or you can use commands under the Transform submenu to apply specific transformations to a selection, layer, path, or selection border.

Free Transform

To apply free transform select part of the layer you want to transform, and then choose Edit > Free Transform from the menu. A bounding box appears around the selection as in fig2.

photosop transform
fig1 (original picture)
photosop free transform
fig2(after choose Edit >Free Transform)

To scale the image, position the pointer directly on one of the corner handles, and drag . Notice that the pointer turns into a double arrow(fig3) when you position over the corner. Press Shift as you drag to scale proportionately.

photosop scale image
photosop scale image

To rotate the image, position the pointer outside the corner handles until a double headed arrow appears and then drag in the direction you want to rotate. The image rotate around the center point.

photosop rotate image
photosop rotate image

Press Enter to apply the transformation. Press Esc to cancel the transformation.

Apply free transform to a part of the layer

photosop free transform
fig7 Select the part
photosop free transform
fig8 Apply transform


Choosing Transform from the menu

You can do all transformations by choosing from the commands under the Transform submenu. Choose Edit > Transform and, from the submenu, choose one of the following commands:

• Again to repeat a transformation.
• Scale, Rotate, Skew, Distort, or Perspective to do all transforms.
• Rotate 180° to rotate by a half-turn.
• Rotate 90° CW to rotate clockwise by a quarter-turn.
• Rotate 90° CCW to rotate counterclockwise by a quarter-turn.
• Flip Horizontal to flip horizontally, along the vertical axis.
• Flip Vertical to flip vertically, along the horizontal axis.

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