Photoshop create 3D Text effect

photoshop 3d text photoshop 3d text


1)Create a new 300X300 file. Select the TYPE tool, and type some text. Then choose Rasterize Type.

2) Now click on the TEXT layer in the layers palette,while holding the CTRL button down.This selects the text shape.
3) Next, create a new layer above your text layer and name it back-text .FILL the selection with black(or any color). Drag the back-text layer down to text layer in the layers palette.
4) Then create another new layer above the back-text layer and name that one mid-text layer. FILL the selection with white(or any color).


create photoshop 3d text

5) Now deselct the selection. Select the MOVE tool. Then using your keyboard left arrow key, nudge the backtext-layer to 9 pixel left. photoshop 3d text

6) Now link the 3 layers by clicking in the column next to eye icon in the layers palette.
7)Go to Edit > Transform > Perspective. Take the Upper Right Hand corner of our Text and drag it down.
photoshop 3d text

8) Next, go to Edit > Transform > Scale and drag it to the Left. photoshop 3d text

9) Select the back-text Layer in the Layer Pallette and Duplicate it and name it Shadow.
10) Go to Edit > Transform > Distort and use the Top > Middle point and drag it Left and Down to gain a Shadow-like perspective. Use the Right > Middle point and drag it Upwards and Right until the Shadow aligns with our 3D text. t should look something like this when done.


photoshop 3d text
11) Now, change the Layer Opacity of shadow to 50%.
12) Now, select the text Layer. Hold down Control and press E twice to Merge all of our 3D Text Layers together.

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