Creating Simple animation in phtoshop

photoshop animation

This will teach you how to make simple animation using photoshop & imageeady .

1) Open a new document. ChooseThe foreground and background colors and fill the layer with any color.

2) Then select the type tool and type your text.

3) Add a new layer by clicking the new layer button (photoshop new layer ) Rename the layer to Line.

4) Select the rectangular marquee and make a selection with 1px height. Fill with any color.

5) Save the document and click on jump to Imageready icon Image ready in the tool box.

photoshop animation

create animation

6) Go to the Animation Pallet and click on the New roll over state icon.

image ready animation paletteThis should create what looks like a duplicate of the original image.

7) Click on the second frame and reposition the text layer and line layer as shown.

image ready animation palette (Select the text layer in the layers palette. Choose the move tool and and press down key 10 times. Then select the line layer and press up key 10 times.)

8) Click on the image ready animation palette arrow button in the animation palette and select Tween from the list.

image ready animation paletteMake selection as in fig.

create animation in photoshopThis should create 4 more frames.

9) Now tween again.(Click on the create animation in photoshop arrow button in the animation palette and select Tween from the list.)

create animation in photoshopThis time select tween with first frame.

create animation in photoshop

10) You can test the file by clicking the play button, forward or back buttons. If you want to rotate only once click on the down arrow key (near to forever in the fig) and select once.

create animation in photoshop Also you can change the time delay between each frame by clicking the down arrow key near to 0 in the fig.

11) Once you are satisfied, save file as Gif.

Now you are done with creating animation.

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