Photoshop – Creating a binocular view

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Here you are going to learn how to create a binocular view in photoshop.

photoshop binocular view 1) Open an existing image in Photoshop.
photoshop binocular view 2) Select the elliptical marquee tool. Make a round circle by holding down Shift-key. Create a new layer by clicking the new layer icon ( photoshop new layer ) and fill the circle with black ( Edit->Fill, Use: Black ).Then Deselect (Select->Deselect).
photoshop binocular view 3) Duplicate the layer (Layer->Duplicate Layer…). Select the Move tool. Hold down Shift and drag the circle, that lies on the new layer, to the right so that it overlaps the first circle, like in the Fig.

4) Merge the two layers that contains the circles (Layer->Merge Down). With the Move Tool move the merged circles to where you want the binocular view to be.

photoshop binocular view 5) Select the magic wand tool and click on the black circle to load a selection around the two merged circles.

6)Without removing the selection delete the layers containing the circles by clicking photoshop delete icon . Then create a new layer.

photoshop binocular view 7) Feather your selection with 4 pixels. (Select->Feather ) .

8) Then invert the selection (Select->Inverse ).And fill with black (Edit->Fill, Use: Black) and deselect.

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