Applying Filter effect to text

There are lots of filters and effects to choose from that can distress your type. Here are just a few. Create a new file and add some text with the text tool. Then rasterize the type layer. Select the type layer and apply filter.


Go to Filter>Stylize>Diffuse and choose Normal. Click OK and then use Ctrl F to repeat the last filter. This will increase the effect of the filter.


Go to Filters>Distort>Zigzag. Set the amount slider to 7, the Ridges to 5 and select around center from the drop down box.


Go to Filters>Stylize>Wind and set it to Wind, From The Right. (Rotate your image file and apply filter to get the edges going up or down instead of side to side.)


Go to Filters>Distort>Ripple and set the size to large and the amount to 50%. Varying the amount of ripple and the size of the effects can create everything from subtle edge effects to a complete destruction of your text.


Go to Filter>Pixilate>Mosaic and pick a cell size. This is a cell size of 4.

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