Glass text

You’ll need an image (or a texture) for the background for this effect.

1)Open your image first.

2) Create a new layer filled with black. Select the type tool and type the text.

3)Ctrl+Click on the text layer to load the text layer as a selection.

4) Blur the layer (Filter> Blur more) and then save this image in Photoshop 2 format (important!).

5) Duplicate the image layer.
6) Hide the blurred text.

7) Move the duplicate layer to topmost.

8) Then apply the Displace filter (Filter> Distort > Displace). Accept the defaults. You are presented with an Open/Save dialogue so navigate to the Photoshop 2 file you just saved and open it. The image is displaced using this image
9) Create a clipping group between the Displaced image and the text layer (by Option clicking their divider). Finally, if needed, Add a drop shadow effect.

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