Photoshop – Creating glass button

photoshop  glass button


1) Create a new image 400×400 px with a white background. Add a new layer(layer1) and fill with black.

2) Select the rectangle Marquee and draw your rectangle. Then switch to channels palette and fill your selection in with white.

3) Now deselect the rectangle (CTRL+D)

photoshop  glass button

4) Goto Filter> Blur >Gaussian blur and blur to a radius of about 9.2 then click ok.. photoshop  glass button

5) Now goto Image>adjust>levels and drag the two triangles to the center so you get a smooth pill shape and click OKphotoshop  glass button photoshop  glass button

6) Now hold CTRL and click on “RGB” .

7) Then go back to the layers palette, Create a new layer (btn-layer) and fill the selection in with white color.Now you can hide the layer1.

8) Right click on the layer and select Blending options.Then set the fill to 0%…..not the opacity or it will vanish.

photoshop  glass button

9) Next go to Stroke and set size to 2 and position to Inside, then choose foreground color as color and hit Ok.

10) Make a new layer(grad-layer). Next hold CTRL and click the btn-layer (this will make a selection)…

11) Go to new layer . Select the gradient tool with Foreground to transparent option in the tool panel and drag from top to bottom.

photoshop  glass button
12) Make a new layer(top-layer). Next hold CTRL and click the btn-layer (this will make a selection)…Go to Select/Modify/Contract and set it to 1.

13) Then fill with white(edit>fill). Then move the selection to down by 9 pixel and press delete.

photoshop  glass button

14) Loose the selection (CTRL+D).

15) Last set the Fill to 30% or 40% and that’s it….Done.

photoshop  glass button

Now to see the transparency i kept an image under the button. photoshop  glass button

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