photoshop – Creating Ice Text

photoshop ice text
1) Make a new 300 X 300 file with mode as grayscale and Contents set to white.
2) Add a new layer. Then select the type tool and type your text. Here i have selected the text size as 60pt.
create photoshop ice text effect
Fig 2
3) Choose Filter->Noise->Add Noise .Set the amount to 53 and Distribution to Gaussian. Then deselect the selection.
4) Then flatten the image by choosing Layer->Flatten Image .
photoshop ice text
Fig 3
5) Choose Filter->Pixelate->Crystallize, set Cell Size to 3.

photoshop ice text
Fig 4
6) Choose Filter->Stylize->Find Edges.
7) Filter->Blur->Gaussian Blur, set Radius to 0.8.
ice text effect
Fig 5
8) Rotate the image by choosing Image->Rotate Canvas->90CW.
9) Then choose Image->Adjust->Invert.
10) Choose Filter->Stylize->Wind. Select the method: Wind, & Direction: From the Right.
11) Then rotate the image by choosing Image->Rotate Canvas->90CCW.


photoshop ice text
Fig 6
12) Change the image mode to RGB by choosing Image->Mode->RGB Color.
13)Then adjust the color. Image->Adjust->Hue/Saturation ( Check the Colorize checkbox, Hue: 215, Saturation: 34, Lightness: 0 ).



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