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Photoshop extract image Photoshop mix images
Here we are going to isolate her image in order to change her surrounding environments. There are numerous selection methods available in Photoshop(Pen Tool or Polygonal Lasso ) to create a nice sharp path around her. But these methods take too long and aren’t needed for the simple selection job we have. We will use the Extract Command available from the Image pull-down in the main menu. This method provides a quick and painless way of precisely isolating image from her surroundings.


Photoshop extract image 1)Choose Image>Extract from the main menu.
2) Select the Edge Highlighter Tool (Edge Highlighter Tool) from the left of the dialog box and draw a small outline around the contour of her.When selecting hair, highlight the whole area . Depending on your settings Photoshop should extract the necessary components for you. Don’t try and outline each strand.
3) Fill the outline with the Fill Tool (photoshop Fill Tool).
4)Press Preview , then Press OK if everything looks good.
Photoshop extract image Once you’ve pressed OK your image should look something like this.If you want you can use eraser tool to give final touch.
Now choose the scenery to which you wish to add this image.


Photoshop combine images
Now simply select the Move Tool and drag and drop the image into her new surroundings.

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