Photoshop – Creating Scanlines

Photoshop Scanlines 1) Open an existing image.
2) Add a new layer with a transparent background in the image .
Photoshop Scanlines 3) Now we are going to work on the transparent layer. So hide the layer with the image by clicking the eye icon.
4) Select the rectangle marquee tool, and select fixed size from the options palette. Enter a width of 10 and a height of 1. (Our scanlines will be 1 pixel, if you want thicker lines change this here.)
5) Click on the transparent layer of the image, it should bring a small marquee 10 pixels wide and 1 high. Fill this with black( Or any other color).
6) Now select the zoom tool and zoom in on the filled selection.
creating Photoshop Scanlines 7) Select the rectangle marquee tool, go to the marquee options and change the height to 2 pixels. (this will put a space of 1 between your lines. If you want more space, this is the number to change).
8) Click in the image area and move this rectangle so that it is around the black line like the picture to the left.
9) Now go to edit > define pattern. Deselect the selection.
Photoshop Scanlines 10) Now make the layer with the image visible and the hide the transparent layer.
11) Now Go to Edit > Fill. For the contents use pattern and for the custom pattern select the pattern you just made. Click OK.

You can adjust the mode & opacity.


Photoshop Scanlines Photoshop Scanlines
For creating scan lines like this open a new image with a transparent background and fill that with a desired color. Add a new layer and follow the steps from 3-11.

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