Photoshop – Metal text

Photoshop - Metal text

You can create some metal text in photoshop with this tutorial.

1) open a new document sized 200 x 200. Fill the layer with any color you want.Here i used DDDDDD.

2) Select the type tool and create some big text in black color and name this layer ‘text’.

Photoshop - Metal text
3) Now double click the ‘text’ layer to open the layer style window and set the followings;

drop shadow -set the opacity to 40% and nothing else bevel

depth = 200% ,
gloss contour = cone ,
highlight mode and opacity = normal, white and 90%, –
shadow mode and opacity= normal, white and 40%

blend mode = normal and white
distance = 10
size = 4
contour = cone and click the ‘anti-aliased’

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