Photoshop – Creating a Montage (Combining Photos)

photoshop Combining Photos photoshop mixing Photos photoshop montage
Here we are going to combine 3 photographs in a gradual manner to create a collage effect, otherwise known as a montage..


1) Open your first image. Then place the second image above the first one.

2) Click the Add Layer Mask button at the bottom of the Layers palette.

photoshop montage
3) Select the Paintbrush Tool from the tool bar, select a large brush

4) Click on the Layer Mask thumbnail, and slowly paint around the contour of baby layer.

photoshop mixing photos
5) Then place the 3rd image and repeat the steps 2-4. photoshop combine photos
You can add more photos. If you use Soft round brush photoshop brush for painting, you can make certain insignificant photos less visible . photoshop montage

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