Photoshop – Adding feathering effect to photos

photoshop feathe effect 1) Open a photo of someone in which you want to apply feathering.
photoshop feathering 2) Select the Elliptical Marquee tool and make a circular selection around the face.(Hold down the shift key and drag around the face. To reposition the selection while making, hold down the space bar and drag.)

3) Once your selection has been made, from the main menu, choose Select>Feather , this will bring up the Feather Selection dialog box. Input a value of 16 pixel to be feathered, then click OK.

photoshop feathering 
  effect 4)Create a new layer by clicking the Create New Layer button in the layers palette (photoshop new layer).

5)Inverse the selection by choosing Select>Inverse and fill the layer with a color similar to the background of the original photo.(For eg photoshop color).

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