Photoshop – Create a ring around the text

Photoshop ring around the text

1) Open a new 300X300 File.
2) Select the type tool and type the text in the center. (Leave enough room for the loop that we ill be working with, you may want do drag the corner of your document out a bit so you can see beyond the document’s edge. This will make it easier when it comes to rotating and transforming the loop.)
3) Select the Ellipse tool from the toolbar and make a shape similar to the figure.
4) Create a new layer and fill the selection with the color you wish.
Photoshop ring around the text
5) Drag the filled ellipse layer onto the Create New Layer (Photoshop new layer) button in the Layers palette. This will create a copy of the layer above the original.
6) With the copied layer selected hold down Ctrl + T to access the Free Transform tool. Grab one of the corner handles and move it towards the opposite corner and make a selection like shown in the fig. Once you’ve positioned the ellipse accordingly press the Enter button on your keyboard to accept the changes.
Photoshop ring around the text
7) Select the original ellipse layer from the layers palette and press the Delete button on your keyboard.
8) Now delete the ellipse copy layer by dragging it to the Delete Layer button (Photoshop delete layer) at the bottom-right of the Layers palette.
Photoshop ring around the text
9) With the ellipse layer selected press the Ctrl + T and rotate it so that it looks like in the fig.
10)Ctrl + click on the layer to load it’s Transparency Mask.
Photoshop ring around the text
11) Select the Rectangular Marquee tool from the toolbar, hold down the Alt key and drag (as shown to the left) over the area in which you want the ring to be behind.
12) Once you have your final selection, Save this selection (Selection>Save selection and enter ring for the name.)
Photoshop ring around the text
13) Then Shift+Ctrl +click on the text layer in the layer palette.
Now press Delete on your keyboard.
15) Choose select>load selection and select the channel ring.
16) Fill the selection with the ellipse color.and Deselect the selection.
Photoshop ring around the text

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