Photoshop – Creating Texture text

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Here we are going to learn how you can apply different texture texteffect to text in photoshop.

Create a new texture first.

1) Create a new file, 150 x 60 pixels in size, in RGB color. Fill the layer with a desired color. Create a texture you want. Here i’ve Selected Filter/texture/Patchwork. Adjust square size, and relief.

photoshop texture
2) Select the type tool photoshop type tool and type your text.

3) Edit > Copy (Command-C) and create a new layer and Edit > Paste (Command-V) in the new layer.

photoshop text
4) Hide the layer with your text by clicking once on the eye. Or you can delete the texture layer by clicking the delete icon.

5) If you want you can create a new layer under the text layer and fill with desired color.

6) Also if you want you can add layer effects or stroke to the text layer.

apply texture to text in photoshop

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